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Chiropractor - Associate


Our multi-disciplinary, wellness clinic in the heart of the Ice District is looking for an Associate Chiropractor to join our team.

Alinio is a chiropractic-led clinic that serves the corporate and residential downtown core. We specialize in chiropractic and massage services.

If the following appeals to you, please send us a resume and letter of interest:

· Patient-focused care - we work with everything from acute injury, chronic illness, prevention and wellness.

· Team approach - we encourage our patients to work with whichever practitioners best suit their needs. Inter-clinic referrals and inter-practitioner communication are key tenets of our practice.

· Full administrative and reception support with a fabulous, creative team of front desk staff (we actively employ working artists to staff our front desk as a way of offering supportive income to their artistic professions).

· Independent contractor agreement - with a competitive percentage split.

· Excellent work-life balance 

· High retention of staff 

· Beautifully designed clinic with a focus on creating a serene and healing space in the middle of a hectic world.

We are happy to receive resumes from new grads or experienced clinicians.

If you have envisioned yourself as a vital member of a health and wellness team serving a wide range of patients, then we would love to meet you.

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